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Research Problems and Research Questions Sleep and Borderline Personality

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articles that you choose must use a quantitative research methodology. The other article must use a qualitative methodology.

      • Mixed methodology studies are not permitted for this assessment.
    • The articles should be recent (published within the past five years) and discuss the theoretical framework used for the research.
    • Do not select articles that report a meta-analysis or are purely theoretical (with no data collection).
  • Carefully read both articles, noting how the researchers presented the research topic to the reader at the beginning of each article and how the literature review was crafted to demonstrate the research problem addressed by the study. Also note the research questions. Quantitative studies will sometimes present hypotheses instead of research questions.
  • To write your literature review, focus on the introduction section of each article.


  1. Begin your literature review with an introduction that explains the purpose of the review and its contents.
  2. Describe the research topic that is investigated by the articles you chose.
    • This should be a general description of the topic (the subject matter of the articles), not an overview of the articles.
    • Present the topic scientifically, and provide citations to support your description.
    • Explain why the topic is relevant to the science of psychology and your specialization area or professional work.
  3. Identify the research problems investigated in each article.
    • Discuss the researchers’ rationale for identifying and investigating these research problems.
  4. Identify the research questions asked in each article.
    • Evaluate the alignment between the research problem and research question for each article.
  5. In considering the introduction to each article—not the methodology, results, or discussion—discuss the contribution the research will make to the knowledge base by solving each of the research problems.
  6. End your review with a summary and a conclusion.


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