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October 15, 2020
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October 15, 2020
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respond to the post below in one paragraph/ social health

For example, if you agree with someone that ‘heath care reform in this country does not address underlying injustices in heath care access,’ then qualify your response with some indications that you have explored: HOW you mean this statement, some reasons WHY you think the way you do, WHY you (dis)agree, HOW such relations could be otherwise, and HOW/WHY such a vision might (or might not be) desirable. Often this is as simple as asking the question “for who?” would such a statement be true, and “according to what standard?”


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When people think about illness and health, they often relate it to the biology of the individuals. For example, when people think of illnesses such as diabetes, they relate it to genetics. Although biology is a big part of certain illnesses, it is not the only contributor. Sociology has a lot to do with illnesses as well. According to Weitz, illness “refers to the social experience and consequence of living with a disease” (2017, pp. 18). In the case of diabetes, diet would be a sociological contributor the illness or disease.

There are certain groups that are said to be responsible for the illness that are caused in society. The groups are known as manufactures of illness, they promote behaviors that eventually lead to illnesses (Weitz, 2017, pp. 24-25). One of the 10 causes that they have concluded, is diet. According to Weitz, food manufacturers are partially responsible for illness that are caused by consumption of sweets and unhealthy foods (2017). Food industries would make more money selling foods that are unhealthy, as opposed to vegetables, therefore they promote unhealthy habits (Weitz, 2017). These groups manufacture illness into the society.

The manufactures of illness are not the only way that sociology is correlated with illnesses. The class that a person is correlated with also has a huge effect on an individual and their health. According to Weitz, “those with greater access to resources will experience better health because those resources help protect their health” (2017, pp. 50). Class plays a major role in health and illness. People who are wealthier, tend to have more access to health centers, therefore preventing illness. Diabetes can be prevented or can be fixed for those who have access to health centers. It is certain that society has an effect in illness, such as diabetes. Society contributes to the manufacture of promoting bad health habits, but it also contributes to the availability of health centers.  


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