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November 18, 2020
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November 19, 2020
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Sales Discussion Post

I’m studying for my Business class and need an explanation.

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Answer the questions below at least 150 words.


1.Suppose that you are a salesperson for one of the products or services listed below. (If possible, choose one that has not been selected by one of your classmates. However, depending on the size of the class, overlap may be unavoidable.)

  • Personal computers
  • Carpet
  • Financial planning
  • Clothing
  • Moving services
  • Life insurance

As a salesperson for your chosen product or service, suppose that you are about to talk to a prospect who has given you no indication of her needs relative to the product or service. Your task is to come up with questions that will tell you the customer’s needs. To do so, you are expected to perform each of these steps

Form the specific questions that you would ask to find your prospect’s needs.

Identify the type of each question (information-gathering, probing, confirmation, summary-confirmation).

Explain why you chose these questions and how you think they would help you establish buying motive and ultimately make the sale.

Use the attachment below

2.After reading the section on ‘Stress Management’ in Chapter 16 of your Selling Today textbook answer the following questions.

In what way is each of the four moderators of stress mentioned in the text important to people in the sales field?

Which of the four, in your opinion, is the most important, and why?


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