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March 28, 2020
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March 28, 2020
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Problematic employees are often the cause for conflicts in an organisation. Whenever employees like this exist in the company, it should be recommended that they have to be confronted instead of avoiding them. People think that problematic employees are better off when they are kept at distance. However, doing this can result in the problematic employee creating a hostile environment for the person who is keeping distance. This can lead to increased stress that can indirectly cause decreased productivity and also the quality of worklife is affected. Though it can look as a simple problem in the beginning, it will have some serious repercussions due to its immense impact on the talented employees and company might have to face employee separation such activities are not controlled no necessary action is taken. Therefore it is always advisable to keep problematic employees informed about the situation plan ahead to avoid any unfavourable scenario because of such employees (Madalina, 2016). In a situation where one person becomes a headache to the entire team, there can be differences among the team. This will have the team members to go through the process of picking sides which will in turn hamper the goal achievement process and deteriorate the productivity of the team and there is no synergy in the team. Whenever there is a picking side, positivity in the team and productiveness no longer exists and there is also no room for effective communication to happen among the team members (Caputo,, 2018). Any person who is involved in the wrongdoing should always be confronted and clearing things up and making a better communication will help in restoring the healthy environment in the organization. Failing to handle the situation properly and simply ignoring troublemakers can only result in increase abuses, arguments, and conflicts amongst the team members. The team should always make efforts to include the problematic employee and try to understand things from their perspective and progress towards addressing these problems by either solving them or having a detailed communication on the implications of the negative behaviour on the team performance. It is a primary concern to address the team’s trouble maker to avoid decreased productivity and improve performance in the team (Gomes & Rahman, 2017).

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