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August 18, 2020
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August 18, 2020
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Small to medium businesses are exposed to risks on a daily basis. The impact of these risks could cause a decrease in revenue and/or an increase in expenses. As we all know, every business is subject to risks at any time. The potential losses as a result of unmanaged risks could be catastrophic. As discussed in the unit lesson, insurance policies can be purchased that can help protect businesses from risks caused by certain events and from risks to their employees’ personal security

You have been given the task of persuading your business’s board of directors to purchase insurance policies that will help manage the risks mentioned above. The insurance policies have already been chosen, but now you must explain the details of the insurance policies, including the contracts involved in the policies, to the board and convince the board that these policies really will protect the business from risks. In addition, you must describe what the terms in the insurance contracts mean and how they can be applicable to each business area.

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In order to this, you will need to create a PowerPoint presentation consisting of at least 10 slides, and complete the following


·       Define insurance and an insurance policy.

·       Identify the two basic types of insurance.

·       Describe how insurance policies can be used to protect the business from risks caused by certain events and from risks

·       to their employees’ personal security while on the job.

·       Define the four essential elements of a valid insurance contract: offer and acceptance, consideration, legal capacity, and

·       purpose.

·       Identify the common terms found in insurance contracts that specify exactly what risks an insurer will cover.

·       Define catastrophe theory and how it differs from risk management principles.

·       Discuss how catastrophe theory can be utilized by your organizations to manage and recover from risks.

·       Please ensure that all sources used, including your textbook, are formatted properly using APA style. Keep in mind that the10-slide minimum does not include the title slide or references slide.

Hint: Locate the Business Source Complete database located in the Online Library, and then use the following in the search box: “Risk Management in Business.” You should be able to find a wealth of information concerning this topic there.

In addition, check this website, http://www.naic.org/, and use the following search terms: “Introduction to the insurance industry.”


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