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March 26, 2020
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March 26, 2020
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Semiotic approach

Using a semiotic approach, write about a sign in 2-3 well-developed paragraphs.  First, choose a sign that has at least two different signifieds. Explain two different signifieds for your chosen signifier (this should be your thesis, as in something like, “The ____ logo, depending on the context, can mean either Y or Z.”).  You cannot use an example used in the video, and you cannot use simply a single word with two different definitions.   Your thesis should state the different meanings attached to the same signifier (such as a logo, a hand signal, a phrase, a title, etc.), and the rest of the paper should explain how those meanings are constructed differently—is it a result of culture?  Of context?  Of history? What makes the same signifier signify two (or more) different meanings? Outside sources are not necessary. You should choose a signifier that you know well enough to explain at least two different significations. 

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