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Smart Goals Activity

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You will need to restate 5 poorly worded goals as SMART goals.

Guidelines for writing SMART goals:


Goals should be stated in specific rather than vague terms.


Whenever possible, goals should be measurable, or quantifiable.


Goals should be challenging but realistic and attainable.

Results Oriented

Only a few goals should be chosen; they should be results oriented; and they should support the organization’s vision.

Target Dates

Goals should specify the target dates or deadline dates for when they are to be attained.

Instructions: Restate each of the five goals below as a SMART goal. Your goals should each clearly demonstrate the characteristics of a SMART goal as described in the reading and in the text box above.

  1. To improve my grades in school.
  2. To improve my leadership skills.
  3. To improve my physical fitness.
  4. To improve my performance at work.
  5. To save money


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