Discuss with relevant examples the following primal traditions of one (1) indigenous group in Malaysia and one (1) indigenous group in Australia:…
September 15, 2020
Cultural we s²ll are all humans so we should not judge someone based on their race, religion, gener or age. cultural diversity should not allow us to be split apart because we s²ll live in one world
September 16, 2020
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SOC 100 WEEK 1 QUIZ 1 (ANSWER 100%)

Question 1

_____ believed that nearly all known societies are characterized by some system of division by economic class, which results in conflict as classes compete for wealth, power, and resources.

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Auguste Comte

Emile Durkheim

Karl Marx

Harriet Martineau

Question 2

Formal organizations characterized by written rules, hierarchical authority, and a paid staff, intended to promote organizational efficiency, are referred to as:





Question 3

_____ established the first rules for conducting sociological research and examined the impact of modern society on social solidarity.

Auguste Comte

Émile Durkheim

Karl Marx

Harriet Martineau

Question 4

The bonds that unite the members of a social group is referred to as:


Social solidarity


Societal unity

Question 5

The scientific study of human social relationships, groups, and societies is known as:

Social science




Question 6

Patterned social arrangements that have an enabling or constraining effect on agency are referred to as:



Free will


Question 7

Accepted social behaviors and beliefs are referred to as:



Social status


Question 8

The ability to evaluate claims about truth by using reason and evidence is referred to as:

Critical thinking

Sociological imagination

Scientific reasoning

Logical thought


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