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September 17, 2020
The criminal justice system provides very long, lifetime, or death sentence to those convicted of murder. Are these harsh and punishments appropriate…
September 17, 2020
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Sociology- U2IP

this assignment must be 2-3 pages

You are a sociologist conducting research on race and experiences of hate crimes in your area. Create a paper of 2–3 pages that answers the following questions:

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  • How would you study this?
  • Would you conduct qualitative or quantitative research? Why?
  • Would you use surveys or conduct interviews? Explain your choice and write 3 sample questions for your survey or interview.
  • What are some cultural issues or ethical considerations to keep in mind while doing this sort of research?
  • Suggest ways that might you overcome these obstacles.

Make sure that your Individual Project includes references, using APA standards.


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