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October 17, 2020
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October 17, 2020
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Spechal education

Data Webinar Online Assignment

As special educators, we are constantly monitoring the progress of our students on their IEP goals. However, do we really know how to make data-driven decisions to adjust our instruction? This webinar will explore how we use progress monitoring data to drive our educational decisions.

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1. Access the webinar in the following manner:


b. Resources (left corner)

c. Webinars 

d. Data Rich, Information Poor?

2. Participate in the webinar then answer the following questions and submit to drop box via a word document.

a. What are the common challenges with academic data?(5 points)

b. Describe structured questioning in each of the following: (5 points each)

i. Data/assessment:

ii. Dosage/fidelity:

iii. Content/intensity:

3. What is the data telling you when your data points (5 points each)

a. Are flat lined?

b. Are highly variable?

c. Show a slow rate of improvement?

4. What are two things you learned from this webinar that you will use in your progress monitoring to drive intervention decisions? (5 points)

This assignment is worth 40 points.


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