TRUE OR FALSE: Graphically, in the money market, the money supply is represented by a downward sloping curve – reflecting higher levels of money…
October 7, 2020
1) The soccer balls used in FIFA World Cup come from Sialkot, a small town in Pakistan.
October 7, 2020
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STATA result

at least 4pages 12 new romance double space, simple language and words plz

 read the STATA do file result,  it about NBA 2015-2016, and 2016-2017 season anlaysis.

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u need to check the STATA result and anlyaze why it is siginificant or insiginificant.

my dependent variable is PTS(total points for each player ),

independent variable is GP(game played) FG(field-goal %) FT(free throw %) 3PT(3 point shot %). other control varibles in the result u also can check.

content requirement:

1 introduction: research question (why care? why important?)

2 literature :group together & pull out key themes that foershadow result of talk.

3 model: regression equation & key prediction

4 data: source&key summary stat

5 empirical R : select cofficient estimates wiz stand errors & general model info (fixed effects, ols etc..)

6 conclusion : Key take away from result. thoughts for future research on the topic.


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