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Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)

New Assignment 7

Write an 8 page paper (excluding Title/Reference pages) using APA 6th edition and discuss the following:

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  • Summarize what the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) is and what the possible financial implications of sustainability on investors could be, why it is important and how the SASB ensures investors are protected (1 page)
  • Find a publicly traded company that has filed a 10-K where sustainability related initiatives were discussed, summarize the company and the topics covered (1 page)Write a summary conclusion, bridging the gap between SASB, 10-K reporting, financial implications on cost and price, and the effect it has had on the industry and substitute industries
  • Integrate the possible financial implications for the topics they covered, these could stem from manufacturing and or marketing (price for value) related topics, be specific and substantiate your response with outside sources (2 pages)
  • Evaluate the industry your chosen company competes in and how the sustainability initiatives affect the general industry (competitive landscape), customers and substitute industries (a substitute industry could be a product that can be substituted for what your company produces, for example – cars, can be substituted with airlines, taxis etc) (3 pages)

I would expect a minimum of 5-6 outside sources. The paper will be graded on content (60%), APA (20%), flow (10%) mechanics (10%).

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