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Task description Select an event for evaluation in Assignment Three. The event must be either…

Task description

Select an event for evaluation in Assignment Three. The event must be either cultural, sporting, or business. The event must be held after April 26th and before May 20th.

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It should be a local event held within the region of the student’s current residence. A mega-event cannot be selected for this assessment task. You must attend the event.

Using report format and style: describe the event – type of event, name, date, conducting organisation, its program, location, duration, the intended audience for the event – numbers, demographics. describe the purpose, aims and objectives of the event in measurable terms discuss the possible impacts the event will have on the local community in which it is being held – economic, social and environmental describe, justify and explain: the process you will use to assess/evaluate the event organisation’s success in achieving aims & objectives in order to complete Assignment 3. the process you will use to assess/evaluate the event’s impacts on the host community in order to complete Assignment 3.

VERY IMPORTANT – Some events will not be suitable for the case study. In particular, events that are regulare not acceptable. Performances that are part of recurring presentations in a theatre or performing arts space, are also not acceptable. However, if the event is held for an infrequent special purpose, it may be acceptable. For example, a band playing at a pub as part of the pubs usual entertainment program is not acceptable, but the same band playing at the same pub to raise money for, and draw attention to, a local charity, is acceptable. If the event is regarded by your tutor as unsuitable you will be asked to resubmit with another event choice. Late submission penalties will be applied. Check your event choice with your tutor well before you commence the assignment to avoid this outcome.

detailed information on how to do the task


his assignment is in two parts –

Part one is straightforward – simply describe the event you intend to use as your case study – program, location, duration (what, where, when), describe the purpose, goals and objectives of the event in both general, and if possible, specific terms.

Most of the required information can be obtained from the event’s marketing and promotion, and from its program. Note that there will be multiple objectives. Seek out the host organisation’s details (the purpose the organisation exists – it may be different to the event’s purpose, look for the relationship) and those of the event’s partner organisations.  From the program it may be possible to see that different program elements have different aims.

Part two – describe methods you will use to evaluate the event in order to complete assignment three.

What is wanted in part two of assignment two is for you to tell me how you are going to do assignment three which is a report on the event you have nominated using the triple bottom line approach to –

identify and critically analyse the positive and negative economic, environmental, sociocultural impacts of the event;

analyse success or failure in attaining the event’s aims and objectives:

provide recommendations which identify issues relevant to the event organisers regarding both the impacts and attaining the aims and objectives.

Therefore – In part two of assignment two you need to describe the process you will use to evaluate The impacts (economic, social, environmental) the event had, and the event’s success (or not) in meeting its aims and objectives

There are a number of possible processes –

Observational empirical  evidence,

media coverage,

organiser’ reports,

audience survey.

Choose one or more of these processes according to your ability to conduct the evaluation, and the nature of the event. For example a large 3 day music festival will be very difficult for one person to assess, but a combination of observation, media and reports would perhaps be possible, whereas a small afternoon event could be evaluated using survey and empirical evidence.

If you intend using a survey, you will need to include –

what questions will be in the survey,

who you are intending to survey,

when you will do it,

how you will do it, and,

how will you analyse and report on your survey findings.

To discover the event’s aims and objectives – the event’s purpose – investigate the event’s promotional material to look for clues on why the event is being held.  It should be possible for you to access the event’s website (or you could talk to the organisers directly) to discover the event’s aims and objectives, and put these into your assignment.

What you also need to do is find a measuring process to see if the aims and objectives met or not.

If the aims are stated in terms such as  – the event’s aim is to increase tourism to the town, then it will be necessary to measure success or not by observing if there were tourists in town and estimating how many, or asking people if they are tourists, or asking hotels if there was an increase in bookings.

If the event’s objective is an attendance of say, 500 people, attendance numbers could be gauged by obtaining actual attendance figures from tickets sold, or numbers of empty seats.

If the events mission is to raise $40,000 for a local charity; ask the organisers the amount of money raised (after expenses).

The difficulty is of course when these sorts of objectives are implied, assumed, or vaguely worded. In which case, you will need to dig deep into the event organisation’s public statements

Be careful not to assume. If the organisers say an aim is to increase overnight visitation, you have to ask – by how much? From what base figure to what target?

The same applies to vague aims of increasing economic activity or employment. Otherwise how can you measure success or not?

The challenge in assignment two is to –

Determine a method to uncover aims and objectives;

identify the potential positive and negative economic, environmental, sociocultural impacts of the event;

identify the measurements of event success and impacts;

create a means of verifying and recording the measurements;

create a means for evaluating and reporting your observations and findings



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