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March 25, 2020
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March 25, 2020
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Based on the report “BUS225 – Service, Retail and Relationship Marketing Group Assignment-1.docx” just come out with the ETHICAL IMPLICATIONS

2. To mention about “SERVICESCAPE MODEL” refer to BUS225_Chapter 10_Servicescape page 2 figure 10.3

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3. Use ONLY those THEORY that applies to the Calvin Klein(the report)

4. The theory is stated under the ethical implication under role & impact and ethical implication

5. On top of those theories stated, those Ethical.jpg files are also a theory that you can use.

6. Point 4 & 5 are some of the theory choose what is applied to the report, need not need to write all.

7. Journals can only from Journals.png file

8. In additional can use Journal of robotics, all journal must be from the year 2008 to 2019

9. Referencing using Curtin Chicago 17th B, refer to Chicago_17th_B_print_guide_Semester_one.pdf page 6,7,9

10. Have clear in-text citation format (not in number format)

11. Read Carefully what is require under ASSESSMENT guide.docx

12. To Have the header and sub-header

13. Based on the marking criteria there is 2 parts

a. Identify and describe issues within essay – Ethics

b. Ability to be able to use theory and literature in essay. – Ethics 

14. State clearly the theory used and describe the theory and apply the theory to the report with the support of journal.

15. Word count 800 to 850 words

16. Take note of the language use

17. Urkund Score cannot exceed 10%


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