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The Pastoral Epistles

For this assignment you will be submitting a Article Summary and Response Paper. You will locate and read a scholarly, peer-reviewed article.


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The first section of your paper is the Summary Section. It must be at least 2–2½ pages long. Be thorough but concise. Do not discuss what you think about the article in this section. This is only a summary of what the author said. If you go into your thoughts on the article in this section you will run out of things to say in the second half of this paper. What is the Author’s main point? How does he support it? Describe his reasoning, etc. 

The second section of your paper is your Response Section. It must be at least 1–1½ pages long. This is the most critical aspect of this assignment and will receive the greatest amount of critique and grading. Here you must critically respond with the author. In this section you will discuss the Strengths and Weaknesses of the article you summarized as well as a Concluding Paragraph in which you summarize your thoughts. If one these three sections is not present in your paper, you will automatically lose significant amounts of points. Make sure that you clearly delineate where each section begins by using section headers. 


For your first summary, locate and read an article relating to the Pastoral Epistles. Some suggested topics for your article choice are: authorship of the Pastoral Epistles, Paul’s teaching on church government in the Pastorals (or some specific aspect of church government), etc.

Must be in Turabian format.


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