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August 20, 2020
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August 20, 2020
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1 When does a perpetuity that was issued in 1967 expire?

2 What is the dollar amount that you will receive tomorrow, on a 2.5 %, 30 year $1000 bond that is maturing?

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3 In words, describe how the Present Value of a bond is determine?

4 What is the Future Value of a 10 year, 10 %, $1000 bond purchase today?

5 Why do they refer to bond certificates as tombstones?

6 On which number factor table could you find the 2.000 of the RULE of 72?    

7) What causes the PV of a lump sum to go down in value as time passes at a particular interest rate?

8) How much is the Principal Repayment of a $1000 perpetuity maturing tomorrow?

9) Where do you find the market rate on a bond certificate?

10) You are receiving $100,000 in 5 years from the U.S. Treasury, the current discount rate is zero. What is a) the Future Value and b) Present Value of this transaction?

11) Calculate the PV of a $1000 perpetuity issued in 1958 at 3 %, now that the market rate is 6%.

12) Calculate the PV of a $1000 perpetuity issued in 1932at 10% now that the market rate is 5%.

13) You are receiving $4000 in year one, $5000 in year 2, and $6,000 in year 3. Please calculate the Present Value if the market rate is 10%.

14)  Sally is receiving a divorce settlement in 6 years for $250,000. What is the FV value of this settlement, if the market rate is 8%?  What is the PV value of this settlement, if the market rate is 6%?

15) Calculate the PV of a $1000, 30 year bond issued in 2007, with a stated 5% interest rate, now that market interest rate is 2%?

16) What was the original FV of the bond describe in question #15? What is the FV of the bond in question #15 today?

17) How much is a $2000 investment made in 1917 worth today if it grew at 12%?

18) How much is your pension worth today, if you deposited $10,000 annually for 15 years, if it earned 20%?

19) Your company severance is 10 annual payments of $20,000. What is it worth today, if the market rate is 5%?

20) A $5,000 investment made in 1917 grew at 3% for 30 years, then at 5% for 40%, and then finally at

 6 % for the remaining 30 years. What is it worth today?


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