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November 1, 2020
The academic integrative essay is a reflective and evaluative writing. Writing a reflective essay means that you look back at all the work you’ve done and ask “So what?” So what does this mean? So what does this show? So what does this matter?
November 2, 2020
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TWO Discussion Question (Each one 8-10 sentences)

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Choose ONLY TWO from the four topics below:

Discussion Question 1:
Should all newborn babies be required to have genetic (DNA) testing to identify any and all future health issues? Explain. Who should have access to this information?

Discussion Question 2:
Should all expectant mothers be required to undergo amniocentesis or some type of testing to determine if the fetus/baby they carry has genetic defects? This is before birth during pregnancy, a little different than above. Justify your response.

Discussion Question 3:
In some species of lizards the males have become unnecessary. The female produces her offspring through the process of cloning herself (her egg, her DNA and no fertilization). Would this be a good idea for other organisms also? Why, explain? How does it benefit the offspring to have the genes from both parents……….. rather than just one?


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