If the Federal Reserve Board wants to increase the money supply and the economic activity, it is likely to: raise discount rates for banking…
August 24, 2020
A share has a beta of 1.4 and an expected return of 16%. A risk-free asset currently earns 6.25%. What is the expected return on a portfolio that is
August 24, 2020
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Unit 2 Assignment 1 The Unit 2 Assignment 1 includes the following textbook problems:

Unit 2 Assignment 1 The Unit 2 Assignment 1 includes the following textbook problems: Exercise 4-34 – found on pages 112-113 in your textbook Exercise 5-44 – found on page 162 in your textbook Your assignment must be submitted in a single Excel document, using two different tabs, labeled according to the assignment numbers. Format the Excel spreadsheet to make all computations. The computations must be included in your assignment solutions. Be sure that you clearly highlight or otherwise distinguish your final answers.Book: Cost Management ( A Strategic Emphasis)5th EditionBlocher/Stout/CokinsMcGraw-Hill IrwinCase Study | Part 1 Note: This is Part 1of the Case Study. Part 2 will be completed in Unit 04. Part 1 of the project, due at the end of this unit, requires you to complete an analysis of your organization. This evaluation will provide the basis for Part 2 of the project. “Your Organization” may be understood and used in three ways: One, you may use your own employer as the basis for the Project. Another possibility would be to use a local company willing to help you for your project, even if you are not an employee. Next, if you are not employed, or if your employer is not appropriate to the assignment, you may select a different organization. You may use any organization of your choosing, but it must be appropriate to the project. One method for choosing a company will be to go to http://www.investorguide.com/. Then, type a company name into the “Search” box. You may use the information found at www.investorguide.com, and you may search the company’s web-site as the basis for your project. Another great resource for locating a company is the Textbook Student Companion website. There is a “Company link” to many great organizations. For you convenience, it is provided here: http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0073526940/student_view0/chapter1/company_links.html 1. Begin with an introduction to your organization. Identify whether it is a manufacturing or a service organization. Detail briefly the products or services offered by your organization, the company’s market niche and/or customer base. 2. Based on the Unit Readings, create a balanced scorecard, incorporating all four of the organizational dimensions (financial, customer, internal business, and learning and growth). Identify 3-5 critical success factors (CSF) for each dimension, and evaluate your organization’s performance in relation to these critical success factors. (To help you with this part, review the material found on pages 11, and 42 through 48 in your textbook. Your BSC should resemble Exhibit 2.5 in the Textbook). Unit 2 – Assignment 2 [GB519 | Measurement and Decision Making] 2 3. Identify significant costs in your organization. Which of these costs are associated with quality? Remember, quality costs are not limited to manufacturing organizations. There are also costs associated with the quality of service. Are there costs associated with environmental concerns? Evaluate these quality and environmental costs and identify whether they are prevention costs, appraisal (detection) costs, internal failure costs, or external failure costs. 4. Create a “Strategy Map” for your organization. Your organization’s Strategy Map should resemble Exhibit 2.6, seen on page 45 of your textbook. Include an explanation for each element in your Strategy Map. 5. Next, incorporate a discussion of Sustainability, as seen on pages 46 to 49 in your textbook. Use specific measures for Environmental (EPI) and Social Performance Indicators (SPI). 6. Finally, end with a summary review (A formal “Conclusion” section is required) of the performance evaluation. What are the key strengths and weaknesses of the organization? What changes would you recommend be made to the current organizational strategy? Part 1 of the project should have a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 double-spaced pages, and will be evaluated for content, analysis, critical thinking, grammar, spelling and formatting. So be sure to proofread and then proofread again! Be certain that you do a “Spell and Grammar” check on all of your assignments in all units – even the Excel assignments. The 6–8 page minimum/maximum does not include title, abstract and reference list pages. Those must be in addition to the 6-8 pages. Your project must be presented in accordance with the APA Publication Manual, 6th Edition.


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