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Universal Control Corp. is a leading supplier for process

control systems and equipment used in a wide variety of

production and distribution applications. You have taken

a sales representative job with Universal, and having just

completed training, you have been given a territory of your

own. Your district manager has provided you with a list of

accounts (on adjacent column) as well as several boxes of

notes and files that had been assembled and used by your

predecessor. These are the accounts currently buying your

products. You are expected to build these accounts and add

new accounts to the list as you increase your territory’s sales

performance. You have summarized the account information

into the summary set of account profiles, which follows.


1. Develop a portfolio classification of accounts and

assess the allocation of sales calls your predecessor

made over the past year.

2. What problems do you find with the previous

allocation of calls on these accounts?

3. Based on your account classification analysis, suggest

a new sales call allocation strategy that would make

better use of your time in the territory.

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