Application: Time-Value Formulas and Cost-Benefit Analysis
October 30, 2020
Unit VI Research Paper Topic Many psychological theorists have stated that we first need to understand ourselves before being able to help others
October 30, 2020
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The topic for this hypothesis is having children. 

You must form a hypothesis and clearly identify your independent and dependent variables and their measures (response categories). The measures must be clear. I need to be able to understand exactly what you mean by each variable. Remember, you cannot use the variables given in the examples in your essay. Also, you cannot use the same variables twice; each assignment should have unique variables.

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For each hypothesis you must then use each of the major theoretical perspectives presented in module one to explain why this hypothesis should be supported if research were done on the topic. You should state the assumptions of each theoretical perspective you are using first, and then explain how each theory would support your hypothesis. The concluding paragraph should be your opinion on which perspective offers the best explanation for your hypothesis.


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