Hello there, I have a really important assignment and I am struggling with questions number 1,5,6, and 7. I really
October 5, 2020
managerial econ A firm produces digital watches on a single production line serviced during one daily shift.
October 5, 2020
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Use the green rectangle (triangle symbols) to compute total revenue at various prices along the demand curve. Note: You will not be graded on any…


Hi, I was having a hard time with this problem. Please help. This problem has 4 parts to it.

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1 – The graph (I attached the graph with my answers but do not know if it is correct)

2-According to the midpoint method, the price elasticity of demand between points A and B on the initial graph is approximately

    A.   0.1      B.   0.69        C.   1.44        D.   27      

3-Suppose the price of bippitybops is currently $20 per bippitybop, shown as point B on the initial graph. Because the price elasticity of demand between points A and B is (elastic, inelastic, or unit elastic), a $5-per-bippitybop increase in price will lead to (a decrease, an increase, or no change). 

4- In general, in order for a price decrease to cause a decrease in total revenue, demand must be (elastic, inelastic, or unit elastic).

Thank you!

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