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April 6, 2020
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This Wiki is an opportunity to collaborate with your peers. It contains a brief video, “Mission & Core Parts of Public Health”. Please participate and learn by collaborating with each other and building on each other’s participation.

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Mission & Core Parts of Public Health (part 2 of 4)

Duration: 18:42User: n/a – Added: 2/1/13

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  1. This video has information about the history and mission of public health. Add your ideas and understanding of public health.  In Chapter 1 of our text, the author discusses the unique aspects and value of public health. Can you imagine our society with no public health initiatives?
  2. Chapter 2 describes national health objectives and health indicators based on decades of experience. Look ahead to Chapter 5 and read about intervention strategies that provide for activities that promote community health. Also, see page 119 in Chapter 6.  What is PATCH (page 107)? What are the steps for implementing the Model Standards process (pages 107-110)?

Click Create Wiki Page on the action bar to begin. Please add meaningful titles to your wiki pages so they are easy to scan in the side panel.

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Feel free to use the Comments function also. After several pages are added, use a page’s contextual menu and select History to see how a page has been edited. Please do not delete anything written by your classmates on their wiki page. 



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