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September 12, 2020
Within the social cognitive theory, responses to a person’s behavior that increase or decrease the likelihood of recurrence are called
September 13, 2020
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William Galston of the University of Maryland and the Brookings Institution, american government 3

DB 1*. WilliamGalston of the University of Maryland and the Brookings Institutionnotes that some democracies, including Australia and Italy, requirecitizens to vote or pay a fine. These countries have exceptionally highturnout levels. “Our low turnout rate,” Galston says, “pushes Americanpolitics toward increased polarization.”Wouldyou favor a law requiring Americans to vote or pay a fine if they failto do so? What are some other incentives that might encourage morepeople to vote? If the United States had such a policy do you think, asWilliam Galston does, that it would significantly reduce the level ofparty polarization? 150 words

1.How does our current party system impact elections? How can a minor party play a part in an election? 200 words

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2.Explain the evolution of political parties from the Federalists andDemocratic-Republicans to the political parties that exist today. 200 words

3.There has been a great deal of controversy over the Affordable Care Act,also known as ObamaCare. In your textbook, there are three methodsdescribed that most Americans use to evaluate political developmentssuch as ObamaCare. Using those three methods, describe how someone couldcome to the conclusion that he or she is against ObamaCare. 200 words

4.Do you feel that it is important that every person that is legallyallowed to vote does so? Why or why not? Do you feel that it is easy formost people to go and vote? Why or why not? Describe some common trendsthat keep people from voting. Describe other methods besides votingthat people can use to participate in the political process. Have youevery participated in any of these methods? If so, what did you do? 200 words


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