PSY101 week 4 discussions
August 21, 2020
WK 2 Principles of Finance I
August 21, 2020
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Week 5–Build a first draft of of the first year’s monthly income statements, cash flow statements, and year end balance sheet in a spreadsheet. The instructor will then critique (read rip it up) and you can then revise for the next financial assignment. A lot of students have difficulties with numbers and financial statements. Templates will be made available to make this a little less formidable.

Financial Plan (First Draft)

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This week, you will build your draft financial plan. You only need to do it for the first year. You will have a chance to carry the plan out to the out years in next week’s assignment. For this week complete the following:

  1. A list of key assumptions that drive your financial model. It is strongly encouraged that you find comparable companies and use industry ratios to justify your assumptions. Assumptions should be on one of the pages of the spreadsheet workbook. ONLY SUBMIT ONE FILE!
  2. Year 1: Monthly and year-end income statements and cash flows; and a year-end balance sheet.

Note: Use Excel or compatible spreadsheet to build your first year pro-forma. Templates are available here to make this MUCH easier. 

Financial Projections Model v6.8.3

Financial Projections Excel Spreadsheet


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